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Solig dag (images from my temporary home) (2019)


I co-organized the exhibition A short visit with Auðunn Kvaran and Yoojin Lee in the apartment building in which I live. The building is the former head office of the co-operative association Solidar in Malmö in Sweden that started out as a co-operative bakery but soon expanded. Today Solidar is a part of Coop (grocery store) and a Coop store is still found at the corner of the very building. My work is site-responsive. The title of the artwork refers to the history of the building but is also a reference to the wall murals that decorate the staircase. They picture hardworking people fishing, harvesting, baking and playing under a warm, caring sun. I have taken images of all the suns represented on the walls and placed them within the same frame. That is the building. Then I have made my own frottage drawings from my apartment’s interior. That is my temporary home. And then I have carried sea polished bricks from the beach of Ribersborg (Malmö). That is the city in which I live facing the country where I am from.


The art exhibition created a temporary space for the residents to meet and talk to their neighbours.


Frottage drawings of my apartment’s interior, framed photographs, bricks.

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