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Den poetiska sabotören (The poetic saboteur) (2015-2017)


For some month I went to my local library and made small interventions. I read the titles of the books on the shelves and used them for creating new poems and meanings by rearranging the books and putting them back into the shelves in another order. I felt like a criminal while doing it, following another system than the librarians and I kept a diary of my feelings when working on site. The librarians finally wrote a note saying I should stop making poetry. It meshed with their work. But I did not stop. I continued and ended up making a book containing the back of the book poems, my diary notes and the librarians’ response. I held a small book launch where I borrowed all the books I had used in making the poems while also putting my own book into the bookshelf in the library.   


Poetry, books, book (20 x 12,5 cm) book launch, reading, performance.

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